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The initiator and Proprietor of this venture, Mr. Mahinda Soyza, is a Chartered Engineer and a consummate nature lover who apprehended the enterprise and has sweated to see its completion. With human effort of the owner and some green-fingered landscaping gardeners were able to convert the property has assumed the status of a paradise to birds and to insects.
Located just about 6 kilometers from both Negombo city and the International Airport. ‘Ceylon Kingsmen Garden’ is designed to attract lovers of nature, especially those interested in botanical aspects of it, and are fascinated by the methodical arrangement of plants and trees of various categories, and also for those in search of a place with the least disturbance either to get away from the humdrum of life, with friends or family, or for a day of quiet reflection.
Some rare and special plants are grown here and they can be classified as fruit trees, hardwood trees, trees growing on mangrove swamps, variety of lotuses, flowering trees, indigenous medicinal trees, creepers and climbers, vines and ivy, spices and herbs, most of them suitably identified with name boards that carry their botanical and locally used names.